Premium Managed Application Hosting

Enjoy Premium Managed Hosting to a fair price. SaaS Web hosts Ready-to-Go Applications and manages the Software for you: Updates, Upgrades, Security Patches, Malware-Checks, Monitoring, Backups. Do not hesitate, SaaS Web will change your daily work!

Websites & Blogs

Produce great websites and become a serious and prominent internet player

BlueSpice MediaWiki

» BlueSpice MediaWiki

The enterprise collaboration MediaWiki

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» Mattermost

Mattermost is the Web 2.0 Community Platform! The open source alternative to Slack!

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» MediaWiki

A popular open source knowledge management solution

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The enterprise open souce CMS for professional websites

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» WordPress

The most popular and flexible CMS

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Professional Open Source Solutions


Performant eshops and powerful web based solutions for online commerce

Matomo Analytics

» Matomo Analytics

Matomo is a powerful open source application for web analytics

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» Prestashop

A popular shop system for small to midsize online boutiques

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WooCommerce Shop

» WooCommerce Shop

Extend WordPress to a nice online shop

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A scalable infrastructure for
your business solution


Helpful online applications for the daily business


» Nextcloud

The full featured open source Dropbox alternative

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» OpenProject

Feature-rich project management solution with easy and quick access

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SaaS Web Mail

» SaaS Web Mail

Full featured mailboxes with calendar and address-book

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SaaS Web Mail Archive

» SaaS Web Mail Archive

Easy and scalable business mail archiving service

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High availability and security for your data


Many tools for web developers and IT professionals.

GitLab Server

» GitLab Server

The number one versioning software managed on a user firiendly web interface

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An extensive open source support and ticketing solution

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SaaS Web Mail Gateway

» SaaS Web Mail Gateway

Send automated emails from your hosted software

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Solr Search

» Solr Search

Enterprise search engine for highest standards

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Increase your productivity with SaaS Web