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About 15 managed applications for professional needs


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First class managed hosting

Travel first class with SaaS Web! Enjoy the advantages of a full service product: lean down and focus on your core topics and spend more time with your own customers. Your application is always up to date and safe.

  • Websites & Blogs
  • E-Business
  • Office
  • Development

Websites & Blogs (5 applications)

Create cutting edge websites and blogs - choose among a large selection of applications. SaaS Web maintains the software for you, so you can work successfuly on many projects simultaneously.

» Websites & Blogs

E-Business (3 applications)

With SaaS Web you can cover your principal e-commerce needs: Ad server, Newsletters, Web Statistics, CRM or eshops.

» E-Business Products

Office (4 applications)

Select among a nice choice of tools for your daily business in front and back office. Email services, online storage, project management and customer management – you can rely on SaaS Web and dedicated more time for your own core business.

» Office solutions

Development (4 applications)

SaaS Web offers many nice solutions for developers and agencies: bug tracking, project management, code repositories, but also managed platforms for Ruby on Rails, Java but also PHP and Zend Server.

» Dev applications


Web agencies

  • Create often new web projects
  • Want to focus on the customer, but not on technical matters

Power User

  • Run an important web project
  • Need a high available and scalable infrastructure

IT Outsourcing

  • Need software for daily business
  • Want to work more efficiently and be more productive