Who needs managed applications?

SaaS Web offers a rich portfolio of applications for various purposes and distinct cutomer types.

Web agencies and power users can choose among a large selection of website builder and ecommerce applications; the hosted software can be setup as staging environment before going live on demand. The underlying hosting infrastructure is highly scalable and supports therefore also high frequented sites with millions of visitors a month.

Front and back offices can choose among a lot of online applications for the daily business. The web based software can be integrated easily into exisiting processes and do not require much attention regarding software maintenance - SaaS Web takes care. The teams can focus on their projects and increase effiency, quality and satisfaction.


Web agencies

  • Create often new web projects
  • Want to focus on the customer, but not on technical matters

Power User

  • Run an important web project
  • Need a high available and scalable infrastructure

IT Outsourcing

  • Need software for daily business
  • Want to work more efficiently and be more productive