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With Mattermost you operate a modern and powerful community platform.

The Mattermost Experience with SaaS Web

1 free domain

Choose a free domain with one of the following extensions: ch, at, biz, com, de, es, fr, info, net or org. If you like, you can move an existing domain to SaaS Web. Other extensions are optional.

1 free SSL certificate

The communication between your computer and the server needs to be encrypted as sensitive/personal data will be transmitted. SaaS Web offers a certificate for one domain (with and without www prefix). On demand, an other type of certificate or existing one that you already own can be set up.

Current version of Mattermost preinstalled

SaaS Web uses the newest package available directly from the community. You have all standard functionality at disposal with no constraint. You obtain an admin access and can manipulate the hosted Mattermost instance as you wish.

Create custom themes

You can use custom themes and import theme colors from Slack

LDAP Integration

If you desire you can use your LDAP server in order to use Single Sign On with the Mattermost instance. This service is optional, please contact us if needed.

Core, plugins and theme updates

SaaS Web uses monitoring software but also keeps informed via mailing lists, community memberships and personal contacts in order to update the systems and applications on time. Some updates are automatic, others are manual, all manipulation is monitored and safe, so that a broken update can be reverted directly without further consequences.

Daily full backups of the Mattermost instance

SaaS Web runs daily full backups of your Mattermost instance known as disaster recovery. In between, during update/upgrade actions, the application might be backuped additionally (in case an update would fail, we can recover the application immediatly).

Intrusion und malware detection

You can’t prevent attacks, you can only protect and defend yourself. SaaS Web does regularly malware checks and uses sevral techniques in order to detect malicious activities at earliest stages (honeypots, blacklists).

Availability & performance monitoring

In order to ensure that the website is running under best conditionsd with best visitor experience, the availability and performance is monitored and the infrastructure will be adapted if necessary.

The advantages with SaaS Web

  • No system administration for you
  • Always up to date
  • Uptime and performance monitoring
  • Premium service:
    quick & efficient
  • Indivdual setups
  • Backup management
  • Enterprise cloud infrastructure
    powered by VMware vSphere
  • TierIV datacenter
    (99,95% guaranteed availability)
  • High bandwidth up to 10 Gbit/s
  • Full redundancy in hardware and Internet connectivity

Detailed information about Managed Mattermost

Mattermost is an open source communication platform combining messaging and filesharing in a single application.

Messaging & files

Messages can be published in private or public chanels, or can be sent directly to a team member. Files can be shared easily.

You can browse public and private chanels or use the search function to look for old messages and comments.

Access from everywhere

Mattermost can be used with the smartphone (free app), a tablet or the desktop pc. It is possible to have team specific themes and colors, even device specific.

Slack-compatible, not Slack-limited

Mattermost is not only a Slack clone. Actually it has extended functionality: for example, you can set hashtags which can use to filter search results or have a better overview because your own messages are highlighted.

Enterprise Support

For companies using a central authentication (LDAP), it is possible to connect the service to Mattermost and also to activate SSO (Single Sign On) which will allow the users to access Mattermost without further login/password. This feature requires an enterprise licence or the connection to other applications like Gitlab. Please contact us for more information.

Basic data

  • Project start date: 2013
  • Licence: MIT
  • Core contributors: about 10
  • Technologies: Nginx, Go, Javascript, MySQL/PostgreSQL

Admin-Bereich - Konsole - Übersicht, Nutzungs­statistiken

Mattermost by SaaS Web - Admin Dashboard

Admin-Bereich - Konsole - Integrationen wie zum Beispiel oAuth oder GitLab

Mattermost by SaaS Web - Einstellungen Integration

Admin-Bereich - Konsole - Einstellungen Push Nachrichten

Mattermost by SaaS Web - Einstellung Push Benachrichtigungen

SSL certificate


89,00 € / month

setup fee: 178,00 €

Eigene VM: 1 Core, 2 GB RAM

100 Users


1 domain

20 GB


143,00 € / month

setup fee: 286,00 €

Eigene VM: 2 Cores, 4 GB RAM

500 Users


1 domain

20 GB


269,00 € / month

setup fee: 538,00 €

Eigene VM: 4 Cores, 8 GB RAM

2 Thousand Users


1 domain

50 GB


375,00 € / month

setup fee: 750,00 €

Eigene VM: 6 Cores, 12 GB RAM

5 Thousand Users


1 domain

100 GB

Contact us

If you have any question, you shouldn't hesitate to contact us, either via email or via our contact form. Also, we can call you back if you desire.

Service and comfort

Lean back and let us do the work: we setup your application and operate it for you. You can focus on your core competency.

Custom development

On request, SaaS Web can help you with custom development for your projects. Ruby on Rails, PHP Frameworks such as Symfony2 or Zend belong to our main platforms. For website development, SaaS Web offers custom theme development for TYPO3 or WordPress, but als custom extensions or plugins.