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SaaS Web Mail Archiving

SaaS Web operates a business solution and helps you archive securly your company's electronic communication including attachments.

The SaaS Web Mail Archive experience

Archiving for businesses

Businesses need to keep track of their email communication in order to be able to restore past agreements in case of litigious situations. This archiving services has been built to satisfy German regulations which are in power since January first 2017.

Professional archiving features

The archived mails are compressed, encrypted and sealed with a timestamp - it is not possible to modify the mails without them being discovered. The storage is backuped daily.

Transport security and encryption for stored emails

The whole process chain is encrypted: starting from the communication between the mail server and the archiving system, further to the storage and the web interface to browse the archive..

Web interface to browse the archived emails

A simple and intuitive web interface is available to browse the archived emails. A search field powered powerful search engine helps you finding relevant emails in seconds. The web tool can be secured via VPN on demand, please contact us for more information.

Simple user and permission management

Each user can look for his own emails. An auditor, though, has access to all emails. It is also possible for users to delegate permissions to an other user. It is clear that roles and permissions need to be regulated within the company to comply with local confidentiality rules - the present solution is only a technical platform.

Attachment index

Standard file types, like for example pdf, are supported and their content can be indexed. The search engine can then find documents via a full text search.


An encrypted communiation and the usage of individual credentials make the service technically confidential. It is a necessity to regulate the access within the company (organisational confidentiality).

On premise vs hosted service

Of course, you can decide to manage your archiving on premise within your company’s office. That means that you need to buy hardware, setup a system (which will need some maintenance) and monitor both over the time. With a hosted solution as the one presented, you just order a service which will run on parallel of your daily business, you just do not need to take care. Let professionals do the job!

The advantages with SaaS Web

  • No system administration for you
  • Always up to date
  • Uptime and performance monitoring
  • Premium service:
    quick & efficient
  • Indivdual setups
  • Backup management
  • Enterprise cloud infrastructure
    powered by VMware vSphere
  • TierIV datacenter
    (99,95% guaranteed availability)
  • High bandwidth up to 10 Gbit/s
  • Full redundancy in hardware and Internet connectivity

Detailed information about SaaS Web Mail Archive

For practical reasons (litigious situations for example) it makes sense to archive the business mail communication in order to restore original agreements and close annoying topics quickly. The archiving services is built on top of [Mailpiler] (, a powerful open source software. SaaS Web Mail Archive was developed originally in order to comply with German regulations (gOBD). The main features are the following:

  • Electronic data need to be archived electronically
  • No print outs
  • Data which can be process electronically need to stay as it
  • Attachments need to be preserved in the same format (for example an excel sheet)
  • Not format conversion
  • A data loss is not possible
  • Any change made to the data will be visible
  • On request, data can be made available in reasonable lapse of time
  • A transfer of storage technology is possible
  • The storage space is scalable

Support for Office365, Google Apps, Outlook…

All common mail clients are supported and can be setup easily to work with SaaS Web Mail Archive.

Archiving rules

It is possible to create custom rules which will be applied when archiving the mails. A rule could be to sort out all newsletter emails from the archiving process.

Single Sign On

On demand, access to the web interface can be setup to work together with your company’s central authentication system (LDAP/AD). A secure connection over VPN will be necessary. Please contact us for more information.

Bulk email import and export

E-Mails can be imported when avaiable as EML or Maildir format, export format is EML.

Deletion of outdated mails

After a certain time, you might want to delete emails automatically - for example emails older than 10 years.

Migration from Atmail Archive Vault

Migrations from one archiving solution to another can be hard work. Mails from Atmail Archive Vault can be transferred with a reasonable effort. Please contact us for more information.

Basic information

  • Project start date : 2016
  • Technologies : Nginx, Postfix, PHP, Mailpiler, Sphinxsearch, MariaDB
Archiveable emails
Additional storage


85,00 € / month

setup fee: 170,00 €

Own VM

150 GB

10 Thousand/month





100,00 € / month

setup fee: 200,00 €

Own VM

250 GB

40 Thousand/month





175,00 € / month

setup fee: 350,00 €

Own VM

500 GB

100 Thousand/month





280,00 € / month

setup fee: 560,00 €

Own VM

750 GB

250 Thousand/month




Contact us

If you have any question, you shouldn't hesitate to contact us, either via email or via our contact form. Also, we can call you back if you desire.

Service and comfort

Lean back and let us do the work: we setup your application and operate it for you. You can focus on your core competency.

Custom development

On request, SaaS Web can help you with custom development for your projects. Ruby on Rails, PHP Frameworks such as Symfony2 or Zend belong to our main platforms. For website development, SaaS Web offers custom theme development for TYPO3 or WordPress, but als custom extensions or plugins.