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Managed and full service WordPress hosting

WordPress with SaaS Web means: we manage WordPress core including the themes und plugins. Your site is always up to date and runs under best condition.

The WordPress experience with SaaS Web

1 free domain per project

Choose a free domain with one of the following extensions: ch, at, biz, com, de, es, fr, info, net or org. If you like, you can move an existing domain to SaaS Web. Other extensions are optional.

Current version of WordPress preinstalled

SaaS Web uses the newest package available directly from the community. You have all standard functionality at disposal with no constraint. You obtain an admin access and can manipulate the hosted WordPress instance as you wish.

Multisite setup on request

Multisite is often used as plugin alternative for multilang sites; WordPress multisite enables you to run multiple sites as subdomains or subfolders. Whereas multilang plugins are mostly with costs, multisite is a free core functionality of WordPress.

WordPress Shop

There is a couple of plugins to extend WordPress to an online store, for example WooCommerce or WP eCommerce. SaaS Web has a ready-to-use WooCommerce Shop package with an included SSL certificate.

Free staging environment while building the website

SaaS Web sets up a staging environment for one month for free so you can build the website without hassle. Once ready, SaaS Web will move it to production. If you desire, you can keep the staging website as test environment in order to check changes before applying them to the live site.

Standard theme selection

All available themes, free or not, can be used for the website. You have no restriction regarding theme usage.

Use self developed themes

You can upload your own themes or create child themes for your website.

Free Piwik web statistics for visitor tracking

Piwik a an open source alternative to Google Analytics with the interesting advantage that the collected data is not shared with anyone else - only you will process the data.

Free usage of commercial plugins

You can use commercial plugins for free which have been licenced for unlimited sites by SaaS Web. These plugins are currently Gravity Forms to help you building forms and WPML, a popular multilang plugin.

Core, plugins and theme updates

SaaS Web uses monitoring software but also keeps informed via mailing lists, community memberships and personal contacts in order to update the systems and applications on time. Some updates are automatic, others are manual, all manipulation is monitored and safe, so that a broken update can be reverted directly without further consequences.

Free VPN secured admin area

For obvious security reasons, SaaS Web proposes to use a VPN access to manage your website. SaaS Web sets up a single access for free, if you need other accounts, they will be charged. After activation, it will not possible to access the admin backend without the VPN. This is a “natural” way for preventing brute force attacks as the backend is not accessible anymore from the Internet.

Daily full backups of the WordPress website

SaaS Web runs nightly full backups of your website known as disaster recovery. In between, during update/upgrade actions, the site might be backuped additionally in case an update would fail in order to restore it immediatly.

Intrusion & malware detection

You can’t prevent attacks, you can only protect and defend yourself. SaaS Web does regularly malware checks and uses sevral techniques in order to detect malicious activities at earliest stages (honeypots, blacklists).

Availability & performance monitoring

In order to ensure that the website is running under best conditions with best visitor experience, the availability and performance is monitored and the infrastructure can be adapted if necessary.

The advantages with SaaS Web

  • No system administration for you
  • Always up to date
  • Uptime and performance monitoring
  • Premium service:
    quick & efficient
  • Indivdual setups
  • Backup management
  • Enterprise cloud infrastructure
    powered by VMware vSphere
  • TierIV datacenter
    (99,95% guaranteed availability)
  • High bandwidth up to 10 Gbit/s
  • Full redundancy in hardware and Internet connectivity

Detailed information about WordPress

WordPress is the most popular and used content management system on the planet. The application uses the wellknown combination of PHP and MySQL. At the very beginning WordPress was built as a pure blog system; with growing popularity it was extended to a feature-rich website CMS. Today WordPress is the system millions of websites rely on, among them the largest on the world. Recent stats say that more than the quarter of all websites worldwide operate on WordPress.

Large selection of themes

There are many free (freemium) themes that can be browsed directly from the WordPress backend. On top of this there are various commercial market places to find the desired website layout. Also, for developers, it is quite easy to code and use your own custom theme.

Extend your website with plugins

The large choice of plugins is probably one of the reasons to choose WordPress. There is a plugin for almost whatever feature you think of. You can find form builder plugins, galleries, multilang plugins, and many more. SaaS Web has licenced a couple commercial plugins such as WPML and Gravity Forms and allow you to use the licence for your site.

Create multiple sites with once running instance

Once activated, it is possible to create multiple sites with the same WordPress core. This feature is mostly interesting for community sites or large multilang sites as an alternative to multilang plugins - quite interesting side effect using multisite is that each site can have its own users.

Easy media integration

With WordPress, the media management is very easy and intuitive. Online videos can be added as easily as to copy and paste the link into the visual editor.

Simple user management

The small and straight user management allow an efficient collaborative work, especially for small and medium sized teams. The permissions are separated into 5 roles, starting with the subscriber who has no capabilities other than editing his own profile. The contributor, the author and the editor have capabilities on writing articles and pages, editing their own or the content of others, publishing etc. The administrator is the one with all possible capabilities and access to all WordPress configuration.

Builtin search engine optimisation (SEO)

WordPress was born as a blog application where the attention to link building and content indexing was and is still high. How good the site will be optimised regarding SEO depends on the theme and the plugins which are used.

Basic data

  • Project start date: 2004
  • Licence: GPL v2
  • Core Team: about 20
  • Available languages: about 160
  • Active sites: about. 70.000.000
  • Technologies: Apache/NginX, PHP, MySQL


Worum geht es denn überhaupt?

In Europa ist der Stellenwert von Datenschutz höher gestellt als in vielen anderen Ländern dieser Welt. Daher wurde 2018 die General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, siehe https://gdpr.eu/) verabschiedet und dann ins deutsche Recht umgesetzt mit der Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO). SaaS Web bietet entsprechend eine Dienstleistung damit Sie eine Datenschutz-konforme Website betreiben können.

Was beinhaltet das Paket?

Das Paket beinhaltet 2 Teile:
  • Rechtlich relevante Seiten Impressum und Datenschutzerklärung generieren
    SaaS Web nutzt e-recht24 (im Besitz eines Premium Accounts) und generiert die Seiten. Hierzu müssen u. U. Fragen zum Unternehmen im Vorfeld mitgeteilt werden wie z. B. zum Gewerbe, gesetzl. Regulierungen.
  • Eine Cookie- und Content-Verwaltungssoftware installieren und einrichten
    Damit Website-Besucher vorhandene Cookies erst nach Einwilligung gesetzt werden, richten wir eine bewährte und von e-recht24 empfohlene Software (Borlabs Cookie) ein, die sowohl unerwünschte Cookies blockiert als auch fremden Content erst nach Einwilligung für den Besucher laden lässt.

Was kostet das Paket?

Das Paket kostet 240 EUR/Jahr zzgl. 19% Umsatzsteuer. Nach 12 Monaten werden die Seiten Impressum und Datenschutzerklärung neu generiert, und das Borlabs Cookie Plugin geprüft und ggf. neu eingerichtet.
Hier sind die Nutzungsbedingungen als PDF.

Datenschutz mit e-recht24
Impressum mit e-recht24

Performance Paket

Worum geht es denn überhaupt?

Performance - Leistung - ist ein wichtiger Aspekt des Hostings. Laden die Seiten schnell, so sind die Besucher bzw. Kunden zufrieden. Aber auch Suchmaschinen wie Google bewerten die Ladezeit und lassen die Werte in dem geheim gehaltenen Index einfließen. SaaS Web hat nun ein Maßnahmenpaket zusammengestellt, dass die Ladezeiten deutlich steigert und außerdem Tools, die dazu beitragen die Sichtbarkeit zu erhöhen.

Was beinhaltet das Paket?

Es gibt 2 Bereiche:
  • Technische Maßnahmen:
    • Website wird auf einem Webserver mit weniger Load migriert
      Beim Shared Hosting profitiert man von der großen Performance des Servers, man konkurriert allerdings mit anderen Websites um Ressourcen. Das bedeutet, dass nicht immer die volle Leistung zur Verfügung steht. Sind weniger Websites auf dem System, werden die Ressourcen entsprechend eher zugeteilt, wenn man sie braucht.
    • Verwendung von REDIS Object Cache
      Bei dynamischen Seiten kommt es oft vor, dass die gleichen Datenbankabfragen nötig sind, die wiederum Resourcen- bzw. Zeit-intensiv sind. Um diese Latenzen zu verkürzen gibt es den Object Cache. REDIS ist die aktuelle Object Cache Lösung für WordPress Websites. Standardmäßig wird ein 256 MB großer Cache reserviert. Sollte dieser zu klein dimensioniert sein, kann dieser kostenpflichtig erhöht werden (auf 512 MB +5 EUR/Monat, von 512MB auf 1024 MB ebenfalls +5 EUR/Monat).
    • Content Delivery Network (CDN) Nutzung
      Ein CDN verteilt statische Assets auf zahlreiche POPs (Points of Presence), die möglicherweise näher am Besucher sind (kürzere Latenz). Außerdem sind die Server auf schnelle Auslieferung getrimmt da sie nur diese Aufgabe zu bewältigen haben und sind entsprechend schnell.
    • Caching mit WP Rocket
      Caching ist das statische Vorhalten vorgenerierter Seiten, sodass diese bei Anfragen schneller ausgeliefert werden als durch den Standard CMS Ausgabe-Prozess.
    • Bilder mit optimierten Formaten (webP) ausliefern
      Bilder sind für Websites unabdingbar, bedeuten aber oft die Hälfte oder mehr der Daten die übertragen werden. Um diese Datenmengen zu reduzieren, ist es sinnvoll moderne Bildformate zu verwenden wie z. B. webP.
  • Content Maßnahmen:
    • Umfangreiche SEO Software Rank Math Pro
      RankMath ist eine sehr umfangreiche SEO Erweiterung für WordPress. Die Pro Version hat noch zahlreiche nützliche Features wie die AI (Artificial Intelligence) um richtig gute Vorschläge zur Erstellung von Descriptions zu erhalten oder zur Analyse der Texte run um bestimmte Keywords.
    • Google Search Console aufsetzen, wenn nötig
      In der Search Console können die Suchwörter angezeigt werden, die zur Anzeige von URLs der Suchergebnisse. Auch lässt sich die Sitemap hochladen und wenn nötig einzelne URLs neu indexieren.
    • Google My Business Eintrag erstellen
      Der Google My Business Eintrag ist ein Must Have für jedes Unternehmen. Wir halten ein Fragebogen vor um die notwendigen Einträge zu übermitteln.

Was kostet das Paket?

  • Betrieb der Website auf Webserver mit max. 10 anderen Sites; der Webserver wird außerdem auch Performance-technisch aufgestockt.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) Nutzung inkl. 1.000 GB Traffic/Monat
  • Installation und Einrichtung von WP Rocket
  • 2 GB Bilder/Monat in webP umwandeln
  • RankMath Pro inkl. 50 AI-Credits
  • Google Search Console Eintrag
  • Google My Business Eintrag
  • Einrichtung Matomo Analytics mit SaaS Web Account

  • Jährlich: 360 EUR

Frontend - Homepage with Twenty Seventeen WordPress Theme

WordPress by SaaS Web - Standard Twenty Seventeen WordPress Theme

Backend - Dashboard / Overview page of the admin backend

WordPress by SaaS Web - Backend Dashboard

Backend - General settings like name of the homepage, slogan...

WordPress by SaaS Web - General settings

Backend - Page management

WordPress by SaaS Web - Page management

Backend - Plugin management

WordPress by SaaS Web - Plugin management

General questions regarding Managed WordPress Hosting

What do you mean with Managed?

With SaaS Web, customers do not need to take care about technical aspects of the software. SaaS Web installs WordPress, updates the core, the plugins and the theme proactively promptly, often on the same day as the new versions are released. SaaS Web creates backups daily and also automatically before plugin or theme updates.

Do you have hosting plans for agencies?

SaaS Web is rootedly agency orientated. The proposed plans are not only increasing performance with higher packages but also significant rebates are attributed. As an example, a single WordPress instance out of a XXXL package (up to 10 WordPress instances) costs 36% less than a single instance (L package).

Can I move an existing WordPress website to SaaS Web?

Yes, and we move the site for free. And the good thing is that there will be no downtime - we create a clone of your existing site and change the DNS information if we have access to the domain management otherwise you will have to do the change.

Can I use an own domain for my WordPress website without moving it to SaaS Web?

Yes. We give you the necessary information to update the records. You should know that we offer a free domain with our WordPress Hosting packages (applies with these TLDs: at, biz, ch, com, de, es, fr, info, net and org).

General things about plugins and themes

Are the updates made manually?

Yes. SaaS Web is a managed WordPress provider. For us, managed means that we manage: we use software in order to support our word (such as WP Steve, our WordPress Management Tool), but we do not rely on fully automated processes. Once an update has been processed, we will check that the website is still working and that the pages look like before. If changes are detected, we look for the reasons and eventually, the website is restored with the last backup.

Am I allowed to install plugins and themes as a customer?

You are completely free, to install plugins and themes. You have an admin access and you have all permissions given by WordPress.

Am I allowed to install a premium plugin or theme from Envato / Themeforest / Codecanyon and are you able to update it?

Yes, you can install such plugins and themes and yes, we can update them. In order to enable us to update these plugins and themes, we need two infomation: an Envato token (you can generate it here) and the item ID (that is a string at the end of the URL, when you select a download in the customer backend, something like https://codecanyon.net/item/slider-revolution-responsive-wordpress-plugin/123456789).

Am I allowed to install plugins to create my own backups?

Yes, you can install such plugins. We do not recommend it though. Our backup system will not include the directory to store the backups.

Am I allowed to install plugins to send newsletters?

Yes, you can; you need a mail gateway though, as we do not allow sending mass mails directly from the WordPress instance - mail delivery on the WordPress instances is heavily throtteled.

Technical questions about WordPress

Do I have a FTP or SSH access to my site?

By default no, we do not think that such an access is useful for you. On demand it is possible to create you an access.

Can you install WordPress multisite?

Yes, we can setup multisite for you. We also propose a switch Auch from a standard WordPress site to mutlisite. Please contact us.

Do you develop custom themes on demand?

Yes, we develop custom themes for companies. Such projects are pretty individual and need detailed information. Please contact us.

Why would I need the VPN access?

Many attacks try to break the WordPress instance via the admin backend, mostly with bruteforce attacks against username and password. In order to secure the backend against /wp-admin, we create a VPN user, the only way to access the backend.

How long do you keep the backup files?

We keep the backups by default for 7 days. Depending on the SLA, the duration can be 14 days or longer. Also, we differentiate between daily backups, backups before udpates and manual backups.

Do you have only WordPress on Nginx?

By default, new WordPress instances (L package) are installaed on our Nginx web servers. Customers of bigger plans (XL or higher) can choose between Nginx and Apache.

My SaaS Web WordPress blog should be integrated in an existing website - is that possible?

Yes, we can setup your WordPress instance so that you can integrate it into your existing website using an URL like://your-website.tld/blog.

WordPress Update Management
Multisite Support
Premium Plugins
Premium Themes
SSL certificate
Daily backups


30,00 € / month

setup fee: 30,00 €

Shared Hosting

10 GB

Core, Plugins, Themes


ACF Pro, AdminColumns Pro, GravityForms, Newsletter Pro, SearchWP, WPML WP All Export/Import

Elegant Themes: Divi Theme, Extra Theme

1 domain


Full backup incl. DB


74,00 € / month

setup fee: 148,00 €

Own VM

20 GB

Core, Plugins, Themes


ACF Pro, AdminColumns Pro, GravityForms, Newsletter Pro, SearchWP, WPML WP All Export/Import

Elegant Themes: Divi Theme, Extra Theme

1 domain


Full backup incl. DB


136,00 € / month

setup fee: 272,00 €

Own VM

50 GB

Core, Plugins, Themes


ACF Pro, AdminColumns Pro, GravityForms, Newsletter Pro, SearchWP, WPML WP All Export/Import

Elegant Themes: Divi Theme, Extra Theme

1 domain


Full backup incl. DB


244,00 € / month

setup fee: 488,00 €

Own VM

50 GB

Core, Plugins, Themes


ACF Pro, AdminColumns Pro, GravityForms, Newsletter Pro, SearchWP, WPML WP All Export/Import

Elegant Themes: Divi Theme, Extra Theme

1 domain


Full backup incl. DB

Service and comfort

Lean back and let us do the work: we setup your application and operate it for you. You can focus on your core competency.

Custom development

On request, SaaS Web can help you with custom development for your projects. Ruby on Rails, PHP Frameworks such as Symfony2 or Zend belong to our main platforms. For website development, SaaS Web offers custom theme development for TYPO3 or WordPress, but als custom extensions or plugins.