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Managed and full service OTRS hosting

OTRS (Open Ticket Request System) is an open source web-based ticketing system particularly beneficial for operating help desks or internal issue tracking.

The OTRS experience with SaaS Web

1 free domain

Choose a free domain with one of the following extensions: ch, at, biz, com, de, es, fr, info, net or org. If you like, you can move an existing domain to SaaS Web. Other extensions are optional.

1 free SSL certificate

The communication between your computer and the server needs to be encrypted as sensitive/personal data will be transmitted. SaaS Web offers a certificate for one domain (with and without www prefix). On demand, an other type of certificate or existing one that you already own can be set up.

Current version preinstalled

SaaS Web uses the newest package available directly from the community. You have all standard functionality at disposal with no constraint. You obtain an admin access and can manipulate OTRS as you wish.

Core and plugins updates

SaaS Web uses monitoring software but also keeps informed via mailing lists, community memberships and personal contacts in order to update the systems and applications on time. Some updates are automatic, others are manual, all manipulation is monitored and safe, so that a broken update can be reverted directly without further consequences.

VPN secured access

If you desire SaaS Web can setup VPN so that the access to your OpenProject instace will be secured. After activation, the web interface will be only accessible with a VPN client; so you can protect your application effectively. This service is optional, please contact us if needed.

Daily full backups of the hosted OTRS application

SaaS Web runs daily full backups of your OTRS instance known as disaster recovery. In between, during update/upgrade actions, the application might be backuped additionally (in case an update would fail, we can recover the application immediatly).

Intrusion & malware detection

You can’t prevent attacks, you can only protect and defend yourself. SaaS Web does regularly malware checks and uses sevral techniques in order to detect malicious activities at earliest stages (honeypots, blacklists).

Availability & performance monitoring

In order to ensure that the website is running under best conditionsd with best visitor experience, the availability and performance is monitored and the infrastructure will be adapted if necessary.

The advantages with SaaS Web

  • No system administration for you
  • Always up to date
  • Uptime and performance monitoring
  • Premium service:
    quick & efficient
  • Indivdual setups
  • Backup management
  • Enterprise cloud infrastructure
    powered by VMware vSphere
  • TierIV datacenter
    (99,95% guaranteed availability)
  • High bandwidth up to 10 Gbit/s
  • Full redundancy in hardware and Internet connectivity

Detailed information about OTRS

Open Ticket Request System (OTRS) is a well known and well proven web-based ticketing system. OTRS is a free and open source software and is licenced under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL). OTRS is an ITSM component (IT Service Management) defined by the Open Source Business Alliance (OSBA).

Feature rich application

Die OTRS Help Desk Software bietet die Voraussetzungen für herausragenden Kundenservice. Nutzen Sie die erprobten Funktionen von OTRS, um bessere Kundenbeziehungen zu gestalten und Wettbewerbsvorteile konsequent auszubauen.

Many ways to create a ticket

Tickets can be created via the web, email, phone, fax, PDA, SMS, or using the SOAP/XML interface if OTRS is connected to an external application and tickets are processes automatically.

Process automatisation

Events can be defined to trigger changes of ticket status, modify the position in the queue, switch the ticvket owner or alter one or more other attributes. Escalation of stalled tickets or the transfer from one queue to another is made easy with predefined rules.

Custom dashboards

The main dashboard and the ticket overview can be composed individually. That said, it is possible to define which ticket attributes (status, queue, priority, escalation level or custom fields) will be displayed.

Extended user management with ACL

The visual ACL (Access Control Lists) editor allows to fine tune the permissions of groups and users. As an example, it is possible to define that a 2nd level support agent isn’t allowed to close a ticket, but solely a 1st level agent.

Basic information

  • Project start date: 2001
  • Licence: AGPL
  • Available languages: ca. 30
  • Community members: 5.000+
  • Technologies: Apache/Nginx, PHP, MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle


65,00 € / month

setup fee: 130,00 €

Own VM

Unlimited amount of customers

5 Agents


120,00 € / month

setup fee: 240,00 €

Own VM

Unlimited amount of customers

10 Agents


280,00 € / month

setup fee: 560,00 €

Own VM

Unlimited amount of customers

25 Agents


500,00 € / month

setup fee: 1.000,00 €

Individual Infrastructure

Unlimited amount of customers

50 Agents

Service and comfort

Lean back and let us do the work: we setup your application and operate it for you. You can focus on your core competency.

Custom development

On request, SaaS Web can help you with custom development for your projects. Ruby on Rails, PHP Frameworks such as Symfony2 or Zend belong to our main platforms. For website development, SaaS Web offers custom theme development for TYPO3 or WordPress, but als custom extensions or plugins.